Got thru another year

losing a child is very hard no matter how long its been, But passing the 17 year mark for some reason was huge for me. I think just due to the fact I’m still alive..


very first blog

Trying to keep self worth in 2017, God help us all.

I believe I made it through this far is due to my support team Ive always been blessed with some really awesome people in my life. And they let me talk about it over and over till I could find some peace of mind.I slept on her grave site more then once that first year. I was so misplaced after her death. I really didn’t know what I was going to do. I know I wanted to mask the pain.I had just became management at my job the same day she was murdered. So I had a ruff start and the job  was around a lot of kids.i found myself in the walk in crying way to much. when I lost Crystal for the first 3 weeks I was told she took her own life, and knowing my daughter she wouldn’t harm her self, she may kick your ass but hurt her self no, But then Robert told me that Crystal had cut her arms months before.

I didn’t know who to believe, I know that Crystal loved life.